Data Science Jupyter Notebook

Purpose of this quickstarter

Provision a shared Jupyter Notebook within OpenShift for rapid prototyping of data science applications using OpenShift OAuth.

What files / architecture is generated?

├── Jenkinsfile
├── docker
│   ├── Dockerfile
│   ├── jupyter_notebook_config.json
│   ├── requirements.txt
│   └──
├── metadata.yml - Component metadata
└── release-manager.yml - Configuration file for the Release Manager

Frameworks used

Usage - how do you start after you provisioned this quickstarter

The quickstarter sets up two pods in OpenShift. The ds-jupyter-notebook instance is routed through the OpenShift OAuth proxy instance.

The directory /opt/app-root/src/work is created where code can be organized using installed git.
Please consider mounting a persistent volume claim for this path.
New python requirements are specified using the requirements.txt

How this quickstarter is built through jenkins

The build pipeline is defined in the Jenkinsfile in the project root. The main stages of the pipeline are:

  1. Start OpenShift build

  2. Deploy image to OpenShift

Builder agent used

Known limitions

Consider if sufficient computing resources can be provided by the OpenShift cluster.