OpenDevStack Quickstarters


Quickstarters are basically templates that help to start out with a component quickly. A quickstarter provides a specific technology, potentially with a framework setup already, such as Java with Springboot in the case of the be-java-springboot quickstarter. Compared to starting out from scratch, using a quickstarter typically helps by:

  • setting up a repository in Bitbucket with webhooks to trigger Jenkins builds

  • shipping a Jenkinsfile with a pipeline that builds and deploys the component (delegating most of the work to the shared library)

  • providing a basic test setup with xUnit reports and code coverage

  • integrating with SonarQube out-of-the-box (including code coverage report)

  • setting up OpenShift resources to build and run the component

  • creating a boilerplate application with one or more sample endpoints

Quickstarters are used from the Provisioning App, which allows to add a component to an existing project by running a quickstarter from the configured list of available quickstarters. This list can contain quickstarters from the official repository, ods-quickstarters, or from some other repository such as internally hosted ones in your Bitbucket instance.

Available, official quickstarters

Frontend Quickstarter

ODS Contribution Quickstarter

Next to those, there is a "blank" quickstarter (Docker/Plain) allowing to start from scratch, while still providing all the OCP resources / Jenkins / SonarQube conveniences.

Authoring quickstarters

As mentioned above, it is possible to supply your own quickstarters. Pleasee see the authoring quickstarters guide on how to make completely new quickstarters or how to adapt existing quickstarters to your needs.