2019 roadmap and other ODS news

We have been pretty heads down for the last couple of months, in getting new stuff to fly for Version 1.1, next to maintaing the 1.0.x train.

Version 1.1 focuses on a few important topics:

  1. Data Science & ML quickstarter
  2. finally writing documentation (which we are pretty much done, at least for cut one :)) - there is now a README for each major component, and repo
  3. Adding some pretty useful features to provision app around project templates, and refactoring of the HTTP call mess we had with 0.1 / 1.0.x
  4. Providing a new release manager quickstarter to move an entire namespace & application into a new namespace - e.g. when you want to move from dev to test. (and automatically generate you documentation around your application)

Version 2.0 will focus on one big topic:

  1. Rework quickstarters and remove rundeck from the ODS mix, a lot of complexity will vanish and morphe into std. Jenkins jobs.