OpenDevStack allows to set up required infrastructure and continuous delivery processes for new projects in less than 5 min. OpenDevStack creates the required Confluence spaces, Jira projects, Bitbucket projects and repositories and the required OpenShift resources. And all is tightly integrated. Simply provision a new project, commit and then run your code.
Main advantages
  • Shortens ramp-up times for new projects to under 5 min
  • Pre-defined quick start templates for different project flavors
  • Easily add new quickstarters for your projects
  • Pre-defined Jenkins pipelines and integration of Atlassian tools and OpenShift
  • June 2019 - release 1.1
  • October 2019 - release 1.2
  • December 2019 - release 2.0
  • August 2020 - release 3.0
  • Oktober 2020 - release 3.1
  • November 2021 - release 4.0
  • Following: Release of continuously advanced versions
If you are interested in OpenDevStack, as a user or contributor, please contact us.


Community and Events

2019-10-10 / Webinar
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2018-12-05 / Munich
OpenDevStack – An introduction to rapid, CI driven Openshift development
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2018-11-20 / Nürnberg
Speed und Compliance: Freunde oder Gegner?
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2018-11-14 / Mannheim
Speed und Compliance: Freunde oder Gegner?
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2018-05-28 / Berlin
Openshift and Jenkins / Stories of BI X
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