Announcement: Version 1.0 of OpenDevStack

With great pride - we are announcing version 1.0 of the OpenDevStack. 7+ months of work, > 500 commits, went into making the original version from BI X ready for the first major release.

Main Features:

ODS Core

  1. Provide jenkins image(s) including owasp scan dependencies on top of the official Redhat ones (*)
  2. Nexus and Sonarqube integrated setup running on OpenShift
  3. Provide webhook proxy, so we don’t need to search for the right commit, branch, etc.

ODS Jenkins Shared Library

  1. Provide consistent way of building, testing, deploying and scanning projects - radical simplification of building
  2. Auto creation of environment for a given branch if desired

ODS Quickstarters

  1. As opposed to v.0.1 the generator images now inherit from the builder slaves, so we make sure what’s generated - also works during build
  2. Slaves support HTTP proxy now, and bind themselves to the ODS Nexus for artifact mgmt

ODS Provisioning App

  1. Many (many) bugfixes went in, now full support for permission sets (rather than inheriting the global jira, confluence, bitbucket roles and rights)


  1. CLI on top of the OC CLI - used thruout ODS for installation, patching etc. Allows for diff against current version, and single attribute / config patching

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Accessing minishift registry from Linux

In the Getting Started guide, we provide instructions on how to setup OpenDevStack on a Windows host. This blog post explores one aspect: accessing the configured docker registry from a Linux Host. It might also be helpful, if you have Rundeck not running on OpenShift.

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