Data Science R Shiny Application

Purpose of this quickstarter

Provisions a R Shiny application within OpenShift using OpenShift OAuth.

What files / architecture is generated?

├── Jenkinsfile - This file contains Jenkins build configuration settings
└── docker - This folder contains Docker configuration settings and main R Shiny app
    ├── Dockerfile
    └── app.R

Frameworks used

Usage - how do you start after you provisioned this quickstarter

The quickstarter sets up two pods in OpenShift. The ds-rshiny application is routed through the OpenShift OAuth proxy instance.

How this quickstarter is built through jenkins

The build pipeline is defined in the Jenkinsfile in the project root. The main stages of the pipeline are:

  1. Start OpenShift build

  2. Deploy image to OpenShift

Builder slave used

Known limitions