The OpenDevStack documentation

OpenDevStack documentation is build with Antora.

Why we chose Antora

As we release new versions of OpenDevStack with new or changed functionality and configuration, it should always be clear which documentation applies to which release. Thus we follow the philosophy: manage documetation as code. This means:

  • Storing content in a version control system alongside with the code.

  • Separating content, configuration, and presentation

  • Reusing shared materials (Don’t repeat yourself)

Antora is a static site generator by the folks behind the AsciiDoctor project that follows this practices. The engine converts a collection of version controlled documentation written in AsciiDoc into an HTML site.

How is the documentation organized?

Documentation is spread across multiple repositories. In each repository, there is a docs folder containing the documentation. We use one "distributed" component named opendevstack (see Component structure documentation), and each docs folder adds one or more named modules into that component. The navigation for the component is located in the ods-core repository.

Additionally, we have the ods-documentation repository which contains the Playbook and the ods-docs-ui repository containing UI customization.

How to build the site locally?

A guide for building the documentation locally is provided in the ods-documentation README.

How to contribute documentation

Issue a pull request against the repository containing the documentation you add / modify. Once this is merged, the documentation website will get updated automatically (via a daily cronjob).

How is the documentation built on Github?

The documentation will be build on Travis and pushed back to the ods-documentation repository. The .travis.yml file is located in the ods-documentation project.