ODS Jenkins Agent base

We have a base image for different jenkins agents. The concrete agent images are then configured as part of the quickstarters.

The base image contains the following customizations:

  • SonarQube Scanner

  • SonarQube CNES Report Plugin

  • Tailor

  • Skopeo

  • Snyk - used to scan and monitor projects vulnerable third-party dependencies (only installed if SNYK_DISTRIBUTION_URL is configured)

  • Setting of enterprise proxy (based on HTTP_PROXY presence)

  • Support for custom certificates (based on APP_DNS presence)

When the container image is built, it fetches automatically the OpenShift root CA certificate and stores it, so that the oc-cli tool can pick it up later and also adds the base domain wildcard certificate to the Java certificate store.

The setting of the enterprise proxy takes care that Jenkins agent works also on OpenShift clusters in enterprises that use a web proxy.

The base jenkins agent is used by all ODS builder agents