Plain docker image (docker-plain)

Purpose of this quickstarter

Use this quickstarter when you want to start from a plain Dockerfile only, without any framework on top. A good usecase here is a Dockerfile you found on GitHub which you want to run with OpenDevStack features, or that you need to "OpenShiftify", by setting an (non-root) execution user, etc.

What files / architecture is generated?

├── Jenkinsfile - Contains Jenkins build configuration
├── docker - Contains Dockerfile for the build
│   └── Dockerfile
├── metadata.yml - Component metadata
├── release-manager.yml - Configuration file for the Release Manager
└──  - SonarQube Configuration

Frameworks used

None, except for the ODS jenkins shared library.

Usage - how do you start after you provisioned this quickstarter

Amend the generated Dockerfile as needed.

How this quickstarter is built through Jenkins

Whatever is in the /docker folder will be passed to oc start build as the docker context. You can add other files to that context as needed:

def stageBuild(def context) {
  stage('Build') {
    // copy any other artifacts, if needed
    // sh "cp -r build docker/dist"
    // the docker context passed in /docker

In case you want to run unit tests, you can add a corresponding statement to stageUnitTest:

def stageUnitTest(def context) {
  stage('Unit Test') {
    // add your unit tests here, if needed

Assuming your component contains source code you want to have delivered by the Release Manager, the execution of tests and the reporting of their results is mandatory. For this, your component will have to…​

  • define name, description, supplier, and version metadata for your component in files/release-manager.yml

  • place the test results in the xUnit XML format in a path known to context.testResults (defaults to build/test-results/test)

  • provide these test results to the Jenkins JUnit plugin via its junit step function.

Feel free to look out for examples in our existing quickstarters, such as be-java-springboot.

Builder agent used


Known limitations